MPA is a fully integrated player in the European audiovisual landscape. Our members work hand in hand with a number of local partners at different stages of a films life.  The list of their partners is long: MPAA members work with European producers or European studios, they hire European SMEs to dub or add subtitles to their films, they cooperate with distributors or cinemas, and also with the main European broadcasters. We are also very involved with the European film festivals, including the prestigious Cannes Festival and La Mostra in Venice, as well as smaller festivals all across Europe. Additionally, we participate in a number of important coalitions throughout Europe.  The Creative and Media Business Alliance (CMBA) and Creativity Works! are important stakeholders and trusted partners vis-à-vis the European Institutions and have been instrumental in shaping an open and informed dialogue with EU policy-makers about the economic and cultural contribution made by the cultural and creative sectors.  In the United Kingdom, the Creative Coalition Campaign (CCC) was formed in August 2009 to represent the rights of the creative sector and press for effective measures to combat online copyright infringement, including illegal file-sharing. This is just naming a few.  For more details about our relationships with European partners and organizations, please see our section on the European film industry.